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Misty and Mochi settle into their new home with more than a few dramas

That’s My Bed!

Misty and Mochi were excited to move into their new home with Mama Flossie. But settling in did not go as smoothly as expected. Mama Flossie had a two bedroom apartment; she slept in the main bedroom and the second bedroom was intended for Misty and Mochi to share.

However, Mama Flossie quickly learned that the kittens did not like sharing. Just because they were sisters, they also had their own unique personalities and they strongly valued their own independence.

Misty was quick to think on her feet and she ran to the second bedroom and announced it was her room and she WOULD NOT be sharing with Mochi. Misty proceeded to unpack her suitcase and arrange all of her belongings neatly in the drawers. She then stretched out on her big bed and waited to be challenged.

Misty and Mochi

Mochi was used to Misty taking the lead and she mildly accepted her fate. Having a whole room to oneself was too much hassle anyway and Mochi hated cleaning! So, Mochi proceeded to drag her suitcase to Mama Flossie’s room and she tipped all of the contents on the ground. Silk scarves, designer handbags, balls of yarn, feathers and lots of individually-wrapped chocolates spilled out everywhere.

“Hmph” thought Mochi, “Mama Flossie can put my belongings away”. Little did Mochi realise that Mama Flossie was equally bad at cleaning up!

Mochi then walked around the apartment to find a place to nap. She was so tired after all that travel but since she didn’t have a bedroom, she wasn’t sure where she could sleep. Misty would never let her share the bed.

Misty and Mochi

Eventually, Mochi decided the couch was good enough for a snooze and she settled down for rest.

Mama Flossie was worried about how small the kittens were. Misty and Mochi needed a good diet in order to grow into strong and healthy cats. So while the girls were napping, she went into the kitchen to cook up a hearty meal.

Mama Flossie had read somewhere that it was important for kittens to get used to eating spicy food and different flavours whilst they were young otherwise they would become picky eaters later in life. So she set to whipping up a Chinese stir-fry made with pork belly, green peppers, tofu and lots of chilli powder.

The sizzling sounds of oil frying in the wok and the delicious aroma of soya sauce woke the girls up. When Mama Flossie called out, “dinner is ready” both Misty and Mochi came running to the kitchen. They ate their Chinese stir-fry readily and even asked for seconds. Mama Flossie was happy to see they had a healthy appetite.

Misty and Mochi

Unfortunately, shortly after dinner, the first household fight broke out. Mama Flossie was relaxing and reading a book when Misty starting yelling from the kitchen. Misty was disgusted that Mama Flossie had not washed up after cooking. The kitchen sink was piled high with dishes!

Misty declared she could not live in a “pig sty” and she demanded Mama Flossie set to cleaning the kitchen immediately.

But Mama Flossie was feeling too tired. So, having been screamed at by Misty, Mama Flossie decided to scream at Mochi.

In the end, Mochi was stuck with washing the dishes and she was not verry happy!