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The story of Fanny and the Paper Planes a long time ago

Fanny and the Paper Planes

Fanny is Misty and Mochi’s old but quirky auntie. Even though the kittens don’t live with their auntie anymore, they still consider Fanny as part of the family.

Just the other day, Misty visited Fanny to wish her Gong Xi Fa Cai for the Chinese New Year and to collect her red packet. Whilst Misty was there, she took the opportunity to explain to Fanny how liberalism is a load of claptrap founded on archaic Christian beliefs. However, Fanny was not impressed and she swiftly slapped Misty over the head with her paw and told her to listen more to her elders.

paper planes

Most people remember Fanny because of the infamous paper plane incident that happened back when Misty and Mochi still lived with her. Mochi threw a paper plane at Fanny whilst she was watching her favourite Korean drama on TV and she quite literally freaked out! The image of the paper plane dredged up cruel memories for Fanny and she ran outside in her dressing gown screaming ‘the children, the children, they are evil’ much to the amusement of the neighbours.

But, it is mean to laugh too much at Fanny. She has had a difficult life. Fanny grew up in a rural suburb of New South Wales in Australia. When she was 25 years old she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a teacher. But, no matter how hard she tried, the school children always seemed to hate her.

Fanny worked as a primary school teacher for many years. One particularly cruel winter, back in the 1990s, it rained every day for nearly a month. The teachers needed to devise an indoor activity to keep the children occupied. A Japanese teaching assistant named Miho came up with the brilliant idea of teaching the children origami. During the lunch hour, stacks of paper, crayons and glitter were put out and the children were encouraged to creatively colour their own sheet. However, when it came time to folding a paper crane they simply weren’t clever enough. The children grew frustrated at their wonkily-folded birds and all hell was about to break loose when Fanny stepped in to save the day. Fanny taught the kids how to fold paper planes instead, which was a much easier task.

Well, at first Fanny felt she had finally had a triumph at school and the kids were starting to like her. Each lunch hour, they quietly sat folding their paper planes in a most industrious manner. Sometimes, they’d make nearly twenty planes at a sitting and then they’d diligently put them away in the classroom cupboard.

On the first day of spring, Fanny arrived to the classroom in high spirits wearing her favourite mauve dress with white scalloped collar. All of the children sat at their desks with devious smiles. No sooner had she put down her handbag did the children start throwing their paper planes at her. Hundreds of paper planes came gliding through the air and hit her on the nose, head and even her buttocks! Fanny ran out of the classroom crying. Ever since that day, Fanny vowed to remain single and blissfully childless.

paper planes

Although Fanny was slightly embarrassed that Misty and Mochi decided to move out of her house and live with Mama Flossie instead, she was also secretly relieved. Now Fanny can stuff her face with all the cream cake and tea her heart desires and she can watch her Korean dramas in peace.