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A New Beginning for Misty and Mochi with Mama Flossie

A New Beginning

Misty and Mochi never got to know their real mother. She was a beautiful cat with soft grey fur the colour of moonshine and she had a special M shape pattern on her forehead. She died during childbirth leaving Misty and Mochi as poor orphans.

Misty and Mochi were the cutest little kitties imaginable when they were born. Misty had a flat pancake face and dark velvety fur. Mochi was so fluffy she looked like a silvery fur ball with two wide-eyes.

Misty and Mochi started life living in a rustic mansion in the north of Singapore with their aunt Fanny. Their house was so big they often got lost wandering from room-to-room. There were more than 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and even a dedicated laundry room! The sheer size of the place made them feel inadequate and scared. Aunt Fanny was too lazy to clean up. Dust and cobwebs were in every corner, which made Mochi sneeze and cry.

Fanny was a mean auntie who did not have time to look after Misty and Mochi properly. During the 1990s, Fanny worked as a primary school teacher in Australia. Memories of ill-behaved children throwing paper planes and collecting disgusting cockroaches still haunted her. Fanny won a small windfall when she was in her late 40s and she immediately quit her job to retire in Singapore.

Even though Fanny and Misty shared an uncanny resemblance, Fanny didn’t have the willingness or patience to raise Misty or Mochi. Her only interest was sitting in front of the TV eating cream cake and drinking tea. If Misty or Mochi interrupted her favourite Korean dramas she would hit them over the head with her paw.

Misty and Mochi knew they couldn’t continue living with Fanny. Every night, Misty would look up into the sky and wish upon a star for a new home. But as a practical kitten, she knew that wishing would not be enough. So one day, she suggested to Mochi that they should write a letter to the government requesting help.

Mochi agreed it was a good idea. As Misty had neater hand writing, it was agreed she was would be in charge of writing the letter and Mochi would take care to post it. So, Misty gabbed her favourite felt tip pen and wrote,

“To whom it may concern. We are two sad grey kittens looking for a new home. Although we live in a mansion we are terribly unhappy. Is there any kind-hearted lady out there who is willing to be our new mum?”

Just to spite Fanny, Mochi neatly folded the letter up into a paper plane and let it glide through the living room during Fanny’s favourite show. Fanny nearly had a panic attack as memories of evil school-children came flooding back, causing Mochi to snicker in delight. Revenge was sweet!

Mochi proceeded to put the letter in an enveloped addressed to the government and posted it hoping for the best.

Fortunately, Misty and Mochi lived in Singapore, one of the best and most efficient countries in the world. Their letter was escalated all the way to the Prime Minister. He shed a solemn tear reading their pitiful words. He also happened to know of a young woman named Flossie who would make a great mother to two cute kittens.

Flossie is one of Singapore’s top lifestyle bloggers as well as a faithful servant to the Singapore nation. As soon as she got the Prime Minister’s phone call she immediately jumped in a taxi to Misty and Mochi’s house.

Flossie marched right up to their doorstep, knocked on the door, and called out, “hey Misty and Mochi, it is Mama Flossie here to take you home!”

Both kittens bounded out of the house to start their new life with Mama Flossie. Mama Flossie lived in a neighborhood called Farrer Park, which had many nice restaurants and cafes as well as a Fairprice supermarket.

Flossie’s apartment was spacious but not overwhelming. She had two bedrooms, one for her and one for Misty and Mochi to share. But most importantly, Flossie was a true cat lover who was determined to bring up Misty and Mochi in a safe and loving environment.

And that is the story of how Misty and Mochi moved in with Mama Flossie!