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Mochi tries her paw at redecorating with disastrous results!

Mochi tries her paw at redecorating

After moving in with Mama Flossie, Misty and Mochi became happy little kittens. They were grateful not to live with crazy Aunt Fanny anymore. Both girls made sure to behave themselves and always showed exemplary manners when talking to Mama Flossie. There was no way they were going to risk losing their new home.

However, as they say, familiarity breeds complacency, and it wasn’t long before their true colours started to show. It’s not that Misty and Mochi were bad kittens, but they were mischievous. They could only behave themselves for so long.

While Mama Flossie was away at work, Mochi liked nothing better than to stare at herself in the mirror for hours on end, whispering ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, why am I the most beautiful cat of all?’.

Mochi kitten

It was true, Mochi was simply stunning with her fluffy fur the colour of moonshine, and big bright eyes like two gold marbles. But she could have spared a thought for Misty.

Misty, also known as the plain sister, would observe Mochi looking in the mirror, and all the while mutter venomous threats under her breath.


One day, Misty penned a note and stuck it on the fridge. It read as follows:

sticky note on fridge

Mochi was gravely upset by the note and she immediately told Mama Flossie, who in turn warned Misty that she had better be nicer to her sister. However, this only served to make Misty more angry and more jealous.

Misty spent the next few days plotting her revenge, when it dawned on her; the best way to trip Mochi up was to take advantage of her sense of vanity. So, Misty called Mochi over and asked,

‘Do you notice anything unusual about the curtains?’

‘No,’ responded in Mochi with wide-eyed curiosity.

Mochi kitten

‘They are ugly and unfashionable, and they don’t match the colour of your fur. If anything, these curtains make you look fat!’

Mochi was horrified, least she looked more fat than she actually was.

‘Why don’t you help Mama Flossie with some home decorating? You know what a terrible sense of style she has,’ continued Misty. ‘I am sure Mama Flossie would be eternally grateful if you were to tear down these horrid curtains.’

Mochi didn’t require much convincing, and soon starting shredding away at the dreaded drapes with her sharp little claws, while Misty watched on. Just as she was doing so, Mama Flossie came home. She gave Mochi a smack for being so destructive, and sent her away to bed with no dinner.

Mochi kitten

Misty felt a sense of satisfaction watching Mochi receive her comeuppance. Now, maybe Mochi will think twice before staring at herself in the mirror again!