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Misty and Mochi become Fashion Interns at Chanel

Misty and Mochi become Fashion Interns

Misty and Mochi had been living with Mama Flossie for several weeks when things started to become a little tense. Misty and Mochi were spending the whole day chilling at home while Mama Flossie worked, and they were not contributing towards household bills and chores.

The final straw came one morning when Mama Flossie was getting dressed for her office job. Just as she was admiring herself in the mirror, Mochi snarled, ‘Are you really going out dressed like that?’.

Mama Flossie was taken aback by Mochi’s nasty remark. She thought she looked savvy dressed in a navy and orange dress with black block-heels. ‘What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?’ Mama Flossie demanded.

Mochi replied, ‘Your fashion sense is so frickin’ dated, it’s past vintage.’

‘So, what should I wear then?’

‘Follow me,’ and with that, Mochi hopped to the bedroom and, with a little help from Misty, pulled out a few items from the wardrobe.

Misty and Mochi

Mama Flossie did not like receiving fashion advice from a mere kitten. Especially an unemployed kitten. So, while stamping her feet, she growled at Misty and Mochi, ‘It’s time the both of you got jobs of your own. I cannot support you forever. If you think you’re so stylish, why don’t you apply to the fashion industry?’ and with that, she marched out of the house – completely ignoring Mochi’s fashion advice!

Mama Flossie’s threat was heard loud and clear, and both Misty and Mochi agreed they would prefer to have more independence. They quickly logged into the computer to see what jobs were available. Chanel had an advertisement calling for fashion interns – IMMEDIATE START. What a perfect opportunity for two adorable grey kittens. Misty and Mochi hopped in a taxi to Chanel. As you would expect, their applications were accepted on the spot.

Misty and Mochi

The girls began work at the Chanel store the very next day. Since they were at the bottom of the peking order, they were lumped with the boring task of cleaning and ironing the clothing for display. It took Mochi several hours to figure out how to turn on the iron.

Misty was in charge of the royal blue new-season Chanel cardigans. Because they were shipped from France, they had some specs of mould which Misty had to lick-off.

After a week on the job, Mochi got ready to criticise Mama Flossie’s shoe choices. She positioned herself on the shoe rack at home, and, when Mama Flossie walked by, she screeched, ‘If you’re going to wear such ugly shoes, please make sure we are NEVER seen together in public!’ This time, Mama Flossie had nothing to say in response. If Mochi could get a job at Chanel, it meant she did knew a thing or two about fashion.