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The Family Tree -

The Family Tree

If you love Misty and Mochi then you will also love their large network of family and friends. Get to know the whole family!


Misty is the “smart” one in the family. She has a lucrative job working as an AI programmer in the tech industry whilst also studying a PHD in human psychology. Misty is anti-establishment and she is part of an underground movement focused on destroying the European Union. Her favourite pastimes are drinking whisky and beg-packing.


Mochi was blessed with naturally fair fur and big eyes. She relies on her good looks to get through life. Mochi never went to university and she also struggles to hold down a job because she doesn’t have a good work ethic. Mochi’s goal in life is to one day own a Prada handbag. Her favourite social media aps are Tinder, Instagram and Snapchat.


Also known as “Mama Flossie”, she adopted Misty and Mochi when they were just kittens. Flossie strives to provide a happy home as well as sound moral guidance to her two daughters. However, Flossie is terrible at saving money, so she often finds herself borrowing money from Misty or one of Mochi’s boyfriends to pay the household bills.


Bessy is Mochi’s best friend forever (BFF). They met at a local shopping mall and immediately bonded over laughing at the pathetic shoppers in Uniqlo. Bessy is actually a black cat but she uses whitening products and wears a lot of make-up. She works at a supermarket and she loves nightclubbing and smoking cigarettes.


Monica works at the same supermarket as Bessy. She is a part-time checkout cat. Mochi is insanely jealous of the blue beanie Monica always wears. It was a designer gift from her rich boyfriend and Monica looks extremely cute wearing it! Monica always taunts Mochi for being single and not owning enough designer handbags.


Jeffrey is an older gentleman who dates Mochi on and off. Jeffrey used to be a self-made millionaire until he was subject to a tax audit. After that, all of his assets were frozen and his wife left him. Jeffrey now sleeps on his sisters couch but he still wears his lucky Rolex watch. He relies on his various younger girlfriends to buy him dinner.


Guppy is a neighbour to Misty and Mochi. He is young and innocent yet both the girls find him totally adorable. Misty and Mochi often visit Guppy at his home and bring him chocolates, magazines and other presents. Carla, his over-protective mother, has asked the girls to stay away from their house.


Carla is the single-mum of Guppy. She moved to Singapore on her own two years ago. The neighbours have noticed that Carla and Guppy look nothing alike. They gossip that Carla is really a crazy cat who used to work cleaning houses and that she kidnapped Guppy and a stack of cash from a wealthy family.


Fanny is Misty and Mochi’s old auntie. She bears a striking physical resemblance to Misty. Fanny is always in a bad mood and whenever the girls say something she doesn’t like she hits them over the head with her paw. Fanny is a retired teacher and she spends her days eating cake, drinking tea and watching Korean dramas.